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Welcome to the Rescue Dog Wines blog, here is where we will be highlighting news. 


Rescue Dog Wines
May 14, 2019 | Rescue Dog Wines

Dog-Friendly Lodi: Unleash in Wine Country

Rescue Dog Wines Picnic

Ready for a weekend road trip to explore wine country? You don’t have to face the sad puppy dog eyes and head tilt of your lovable companion wondering why you’re leaving for a trip. You can easily bring your pup along! Nestled in California’s Central Valley, between San Francisco and the Sierra Nevada mountains, lies Lodi, California, a region quickly earning its name as one of California’s most exciting wine destinations. What’s more? Lodi offers many dog-friendly options so you can enjoy a road trip with the whole family, including your furbaby!

Stay in Luxury

Stay in luxury at Domaine des Palmiers. Room for 10, a pool, and vineyard views, this dog-friendly property is a luxurious home away from home. Tucked away among 20 acres of working vineyards, the property fully immerses you in the wine country experience. Indulge outdoors as you toast s’ mores around the fire pit, play fetch with your pooch, or sneak him a few bites of the burger you grilled on the propane grill, all while enjoying Lodi’s exceptional world-class wines.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Lifestyle Shot of Dogs and Rescue Dog Red Blend

After a relaxing evening at the estate, explore the beautiful dog-friendly parks Lodi has to offer. Lodi Lake is a serene spot away from the stresses of your daily life, where you can stretch your legs and unwind with your pup. If you’re looking for a dog park to meet up for the perfect puppy playdate, Vinewood Dog Park is where you want to go. It’s a large, fully-fenced dog park where your best friend can run around off-leash.

Downtown Lodi

Downtown Lodi Mission Arch

Downtown Lodi offers many restaurants, such as Moo Moo’s Burger Barn or Lodi Beer Co, that have outdoor seating areas that are dog-friendly, just be sure to ask first before enjoying your meal. Along the picturesque sidewalks, there are also dog bowls for your pal in front of the local shops so it’s easy to navigate with your best friend. While venturing around the area, don’t miss the perfect photo op in front of Lodi’s Mission Arch. First built in 1907 as an entrance to the first Lodi Grape Festival, this archway represents the wine heritage of the city.

Vineyards Twice the Size of Napa Valley

Lodi Vineyard at Sunset

Lodi is home to over 100,000 acres of vineyards, which is twice the size of Napa Valley! Wines from the Lodi American Viticultural Area (AVA) are known for their bold, fruit-forward flavor, like our Beloved Mixed Red Blend.

While enjoying a glass of Rescue Dog Wines, know that 50 percent of profits from wine sales go to support rescue dog and charity organizations, as well as local Societies for the Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals (SPCAs). Some supported organizations include Norcal Boxer, Sacramento SPCA, People Assisting Lodi Shelter (PALS), and Friends Of The Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS), among several others.

We’re passionate about how our love of wine and fostering dogs translates into our daily business. So pop the cork and savor exceptional wines from locally sourced Lodi AVA grapes — with each bottle, you’re helping give back to the pups!

Rescue Dog Wines
September 6, 2018 | Rescue Dog Wines

Bubbly Boxer

We wanted to do something different for our second wine. (our first sparkling wine). We wanted to make a unique sparkling wine without having to add carbonation... and doing the secondary fermentation in a pressurized steel container didn't appeal to us. We opted instead for méthode champenoise (or méthode traditionnelle). This is the method the best Champagne houses in France use to create their sparkling wines. We wanted only the best processes from the best sparkling wine maker in the region to represent one of our personal favorite rescue breeds: the Boxer. Of course, we're a little biased as our long term rescue Daisy that we've had for over 10 years, is a wonderful boxer and we have been involved in fostering 3 rescues from NorCal boxer over the past year. Anyway, back to the wine. In addition to utilizing méthode champenoise in our wines production, since we are confessed foodies, we wanted to make a sparkling wine that would go well with lots of different foods... so we chose to make a very dry rosé. This wine is a great compliment to so many dishes. Anyway, please try our new méthode champenoise sparkling rosé. It is a great compliment to a special celebration or just a special Friday night or any other day of the week. We believe, and hope that you will find an extremely high quality experience in this new Sparkling Rosé!


Blair and Laura

Rescue Dog Wines
August 7, 2018 | Rescue Dog Wines

Our First Wine

Well the day has finally come that we are able to release our first wine. We're excited to bring our unique blend of Lodi AVA red wines dedicated to all those Beloved Mixed Breed dogs out there looking for forever homes to the good folks in California for home delivery. Laura and I had a sneak peek of the wine the other day. We had ventured to the grocery store and bought a few ingredients we thought would pair well with it including a lamb steak to share and some ground lamb with greek seasoning and garlic, as well as cucumber and greek yoghurt and a little Nan (we prefer over pita) and before we knew it we had finished half the bottle before we had even started working on dinner. I guess we liked it,. :-) We were very pleased with the wine and ourselves, and we hope you will be too!


Blair and Laura




Rescue Dog Wines
June 30, 2018 | Rescue Dog Wines

Our Philosophy

My wife and business partner Laura and I started planning our new life in wine country about 3 years ago. We knew that we wanted to embrace sustainable growing practices and create a new, more rewarding lifestyle for ourselves. In addition, we knew that we wanted enough land to grow wine grapes AND foster dogs. In addition we knew at some point in time we wanted to create high quality, premium wines. During this period of exploration throughout many of California’s wine regions it dawned on us that we could combine our two passions and Rescue Dog Wines was born. Once we had discovered the Lodi wine region we knew our quest was over. The people are friendly and helpful, the grapes numerous and high quality (something Napa winemakers have known for years) and many of the wines, some you’ve probably never heard of, are absolutely fantastic! Because our vineyard is being newly re-planted, we have decided to curate and blend our wines using some of our favorite wines, grapes and winemakers in the Lodi AVA region to make our unique and high quality premium wines to help carry out our mission. With our collaborations, we believe we have some of the finest wines the region has to offer and we plan on presenting three of them this year. Our commitment is to give 50
percent of our profits to rescue dog organizations, and continue to review and improve our wines on a continuous basis. Please try our wine and let us know what you think. As Laura says, “Treat yourself...because you know you do good things.”


Rescue Dog Wines

PS. Our wines are coming soon!!

Rescue Dog Wines
June 11, 2018 | Rescue Dog Wines

Wines Coming Soon!

Look for our first wine Mid-July!!!

It will be a Lodi AVA Red Wine Blend called "Beloved Mixed Breed". Please sign up for our Newsletter and leave us your email!

Time Posted: Jun 11, 2018 at 12:27 PM
Rescue Dog Wines
May 29, 2018 | Rescue Dog Wines

Reading a Wine Label

At first glance, a wine label can be confusing to those just getting started. Luckily, New World wine producers have made it easier on wine beginners by listing the grape(s) directly on the label. Old World regions have typically relied on the wine consumer to be familiar enough with the region to know, for example, that Red Burgundy is Pinot Noir. 

Old World Wines might read like this:
Château Moulin de Grenet 2009 Lussac Saint-Émilion

New World wines might read like this:
Cakebread 2006 Merlot, Napa Valley

The French wine lists “Saint-Émilion,” assuming the consumer realizes that wines from Saint-Émilionare mostly Merlot. The wine from Napa, California, on the other hand, lists both the region and the grape variety. As you study more about wine, you’ll become more and more accustomed to all the wine varietals and the Old World regions that produce them.

Old World wine producers are slowly realizing that in order to compete on the global market, they need to make it easy on the consumer. But as much as times may change, a deep understanding of how to read a wine label will always be a useful skill. 

Time Posted: May 29, 2018 at 3:11 PM
Rescue Dog Wines
May 20, 2018 | Rescue Dog Wines

Wine Serving Tips

Now that you have taken the time to learn how-to-taste wine, the regions and grapes of the world, reading a wine label and the essentials for buying wine, it’s time to drink it! 

For starters, make sure that your wine is being served at its absolute best. To do that, pay attention to these three tenets of wine service: Glassware, temperature and preservation.

Each wine has something unique to offer your senses. Most wine glasses are specifically shaped to accentuate those defining characteristics, directing wine to key areas of the tongue and nose, where they can be fully enjoyed. While wine can be savored in any glass, a glass designed for a specific wine type helps you to better experience its nuances. Outfit your house with a nice set of stems you will reap the rewards.

All wine is stored at the same temperature, regardless of its color. But reds and whites are consumed at quite different temperatures. Too often people drink white wines too cold and red wines too warm, limiting how much you can enjoy the wine. A white that’s too cold will be flavorless and a red that’s too warm is often flabby and alcoholic.

Time Posted: May 20, 2018 at 3:14 PM
Rescue Dog Wines
May 17, 2018 | Rescue Dog Wines

Wine Tasting - Getting Started

The ability to sniff out and untangle the subtle threads that weave into complex wine aromas is essential for tasting. Try holding your nose while you swallow a mouthful of wine; you will find that most of the flavor is muted. Your nose is the key to your palate. Once you learn how to give wine a good sniff, you’ll begin to develop the ability to isolate flavors—to notice the way they unfold and interact—and, to some degree, assign language to describe them.

This is exactly what wine professionals—those who make, sell, buy, and write about wine—are able to do. For any wine enthusiast, it’s the pay-off for all the effort.

While there is no one right or wrong way to learn how to taste, some “rules” do apply.

First and foremost, you need to be methodical and focused. Find your own approach and consistently follow it. Not every single glass or bottle of wine must be analyzed in this way, of course. But if you really want to learn about wine, a certain amount of dedication is required. Whenever you have a glass of wine in your hand, make it a habit to take a minute to stop all conversation, shut out all distraction and focus your attention on the wine’s appearance, scents, flavors and finish.

You can run through this mental checklist in a minute or less, and it will quickly help you to plot out the compass points of your palate. Of course, sipping a chilled rosé from a paper cup at a garden party doesn’t require the same effort as diving into a well-aged Bordeaux served from a Riedel Sommelier Series glass. But those are the extreme ends of the spectrum. Just about everything you are likely to encounter falls somewhere in between.

Time Posted: May 17, 2018 at 10:28 AM
Rescue Dog Wines
May 15, 2018 | Rescue Dog Wines

“Good Wine” for Beginners

You have probably heard from both friends and experts many times that any wine you like is a good wine. This is true if simply enjoying wine is your goal. You don’t have to do more than take a sip, give it a swallow and let your inner geek decide “yes” or “no.” The end.

It’s true that figuring out what you like is an important component of wine tasting, but it’s not the only component. Quickly passing judgment about a wine is not the same as truly understanding and evaluating it. If you’re tasting properly, you will be able to identify the main flavor and scent components in every wine you try; you will know the basic characteristics for all of the most important varietal grapes, and beyond that, for the blended wines from the world’s best wine-producing regions. You will also be able to quickly point out specific flaws in bad wines. 

Time Posted: May 15, 2018 at 3:10 PM
Rescue Dog Wines
May 15, 2015 | Rescue Dog Wines

Buying Wine

We live in an age in which sourcing wine has never been easier. Looking for a wine from Crete? The wine shop in your town will likely carry it, and if not, you can easily find a wine retailer online. It’s in the hands of the consumer to shop for the best deal or for the most elusive, rare bottle, which can often be shipped to your doorstep. 

Savvy shoppers will stay on top of ever-changing wine shipping laws based on interstate policies. Some states cannot have wine shipped to them, while others have more relaxed laws.

Before you can start investing in a full collection, you’ll need to discover your palate by embracing opportunities to taste and determine what you like. When dining out with friends or at a party, be open minded! A rich Cabernet Sauvignon might woo you initially, but you may also take a liking to exoticRieslings depending on your mood. There is no better way to discover wine than by tasting everything. We have plenty of tools that will help: Best Buy Cheat Sheet, Making the Purchase and Bargain-Friendly Bordeaux will all help guide you on your path to wine bliss.

Time Posted: May 15, 2015 at 3:12 PM
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